Thursday, March 22, 2018

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If you’ve bounced around like a pinball from urgent care to physicians’ offices for stomach issues, but are still undiagnosed, consider whether gastroparesis could be the cause of your symptoms. Often, patients suffer for an extended period of time before they receive a diagnosis—and treatment options may improve quality of life.

Not many people work in a profession that requires them to dedicate their lives to helping others like the field of healthcare does. During national healthcare recognition, we have challenged people to sum up in one or a few words the impact their profession means to them and how important it is for their community. 

Despite popular opinion, men need to take care of themselves.

This may sound like a common sense statement. But it’s not one that often resonates. For many men, taking care of their health, which includes getting regular check-ups, is about half as important to them as it is for women.

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